Biographie d'ELIE KUAME

« Being every moment of life a magical moment ! »,

this is the state of minch faced in which Elie kuame demonstrates the originality and finesse of his universe. Born in Brussels but of Ivorian and lebanese origin, Elie grew up in Ivory Coast. He is very soon faced with the femininity and delicacy of the toilets that his mother and the other women in his family love. After a degree in economics and social sciences in Paris, Elie decided to turn to the world of fashion. He then completed four years of studies in stylist and modeling and the young graduate joined the Clarice Hieraix house as first assistant. He quickly proved himself there and became the manager of the parisian showroom. On March 23, 2006, Elie Kuame won the DRIM (Republican Diversity and the Initiative in Mouvement), the competition of young creators sponsored by the prestigious Hermes House and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). His collection « Women of power » which magnifies femininity with simple, clean lines, crazily sophisticates cuts and embroidery details of delicious, precious ans spectacular refinement at the same time. This year marks the birth of Maison Elie Kuame Couture. This beautiful material entry allows Elie to make its mosaic of culture. His trips to the four corners of the world enrich his knowledge and embellish his art. He acquires this unique know-how which consists of assembling different materials and giving it meaning.

Due to the diversity of ethnic and cultural interbreeding, Elie Kuame masters some raw materials such as raphia, woven loincloth, leather, silk, lace, fur, mother of pearl and little more unusual like tree bark. For this avant-garde designer, the beauty of silky and voluptuous materials, combined with the delicacy of hand-made embroidery, serves as a setting for the architecture of the female body. In the summer of 2010, in New York, Elie Kuame presents its spring summer 2010 collection and prepares its line of luxury maroquinerie as well as its ready-to-trip line, a perfect balance between ready to wear and haute couture. Influenced by the visual, emotional and conceptual elements found in architecture, art history and photography, Elie is inspired by the world around it with attention and pragmatism. He traveled and perfected his art, ready to enrich his knowledge and embellish his talent throughout the world. His experience to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, China, New York, Lagos, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Geneva, London, bring him many new influences that translate into new ideas and a special ability to assemble different materials and give it meaning.


« For me luxury is to be demanding »

Elie Kuame partners and collaborates with tv channels, artists, and for various events (Canal+, France 2, Trace Tv, Afro-Caraibeenne Music Awards, festival de Cannes, …) In 2016 , Elie Kuame decided to return to the African continent and moved to Abidjan to make his dream a reality. He worked hard to be able to a new collection named « My African Dream », that was a success on the ecosystem. Elie is one of those african creators who wants to highlight the continent and want to redefine the law of luxury made in Africa. In Sepetember 2019, he opened his shop Elie Kuame in Abidjan, fashion capital in West Africa and followed in 2021, the opening of his workshop. One of his most ardent wishes is to find several Elie Kuame corners around the world.